Discover the legendary rums coming from Guatemala by one of the best rums producers on the planet.

Rum Zacapa Centenario 23 Ans

Master blend from rums that were blended 6 to 23 years ago. Sweet on the nose with an exotic taste of spices and vanilla, with a strong finish. An extraordinary presence in the world of rum.

CHF 66.00

Rum Zacapa Centenario Xo

A wealth of aromas on the nose, a great balance of mature toasted oak, burnt caramel, dry-roasted nuts, marzipan and orange peel. A great and bold sweet, fruity and spicy taste. A connoisseur’s delight and the ultimate expression of the Master Blender’s art.

CHF 125.00

Rum Zacapa Royal

Elegant, warm and very balanced on the nose with hints of vanilla, chocolate, nuts and fruits. An exotic and fresh taste, complimented by a strong and extraordinarily smooth finish. A delight worth a taste.

CHF 299.00